Electronic Unit Injectors
Sydney Diesel Centre provides expert electronic unit injector services, from testing and repair to replacement. With affordable prices and speedy service, trust us to keep your diesel engines running smoothly. Contact us today for solutions that fit your needs perfectly. call (02) 9681 7700
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Unit Injectors

Technical Excellence in Electronic Unit Injector Solutions

Welcome to Sydney Diesel Centre, your go-to destination for new unit injectors, spare parts, reliable repair, servicing, and diagnostics of electronic unit injectors .

With a firm commitment to technical excellence and years of expertise, we’re here to provide tailored solutions to meet all your unit injector needs. Whether you’re seeking diagnostics, repairs, or routine servicing, trust us to ensure your diesel engines perform at their best.

Find out more about unit injector new, parts, service and repair – simply call the Sydney Diesel Centre Service Team (02) 9681 7700 or sms 0483 917 865
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    Why Choose Sydney Diesel Centre for Your Unit Injector Needs?

    1. Advanced Technical Proficiency: At Sydney Diesel Centre, our team comprises highly skilled technicians with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of unit injector systems, particularly those manufactured by Bosch. From understanding the intricate components to mastering the latest advancements in diesel engine technology, we possess the technical proficiency required to address even the most complex electronic unit injector issues with precision and efficiency.

    2. Comprehensive Repair and Servicing: unit injectors are integral components of modern diesel engines, renowned for their precision and efficiency. Our comprehensive repair and servicing solutions encompass a wide range of issues, including injector nozzle wear, fuel leakage, and injector pump malfunctions. Whether it’s for commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, or industrial equipment, we ensure thorough diagnostics and precise repairs to optimize performance.

    3. Precision Diagnostics with Cutting-Edge Tools: Effective diagnosis is fundamental to resolving Bosch unit injector problems accurately. At Sydney Diesel Centre, we utilise cutting-edge diagnostic tools and techniques to conduct thorough assessments of electronic unit injector systems. Our diagnostic process includes analysing injector pressure, spray patterns, and electronic feedback signals to identify underlying issues and recommend precise solutions.

    4. OEM Parts and Genuine Components: We prioritise the use of genuine OEM parts and components in all our unit injector repairs and servicing. By sourcing parts directly from reputable manufacturers, we ensure compatibility, durability, and optimal performance. Trust us to utilise the highest quality components to uphold the integrity of your unit injector system, maximising longevity and reliability.

    5. Features and Benefits of Bosch Unit Injector System: The Bosch unit injector system is renowned for its top power delivery and fuel-saving capabilities. It comprises a nozzle holder assembly with an integrated high-pressure pump, providing injection pressures of up to 2,200 bar for optimal air/fuel mixture. The features and benefits include:

    • Expertly engineered for high and optimised engine performance and low fuel consumption.
    • Compact design for high efficiency, ensuring space-saving and streamlined operation.
    • Installation directly into the engine block for a low noise level and reduced vibration.
    • Injection pressures of up to 2,200 bar for excellent air/fuel mixture, resulting in enhanced combustion efficiency and reduced emissions.

    Need help testing or repairing your current unit injectors? Or perhaps you’re in need of new injectors? Look no further. Sydney Diesel Centre offers expert solutions to your needs. Contact us today for reliable service, great pricing, and fast turnaround times. Let’s keep your engines running smoothly together. Call (02) 9681 7700 or email: spareparts@sydneydieselcentre.com.au

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