Top Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Your Summer Roadtrip - Sydney Diesel Centre
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Top Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Your Summer Roadtrip

get car summer ready

Top Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Your Summer Roadtrip

With summer holidays just around the corner and the country opening up again, a lot more drivers are expected on the roads over summer. The hottest season brings with it more automotive troubles than any other seasons of the year. If you are embarking on a long road trip with the family or simply do short trips around town, it is important to ensure your car is in good working condition.

We have compiled our top tips to get your car ready for summer:


 Summer can be very taxing on tires as heat and sunlight break down the rubber more quickly. Inspect your tires for unusual wear and tear. If you do, get a tire experto to give you the best options. Secondly, check your tire pressure for the right pressure for your vehicle and load.  Properly inflated tires not only help you to save money because the correct pressure improves fuel economy. But by having the right amount of air in your tires, your car will handle optimally in emergency maneuvers and keep you and your family safe. What’s the best way to check? Check your tire pressure when the tires are cool and also don’t forget about checking your spare tire being properly inflated. Keep a jack in the car just in case of a flat along the way.

Source: Howacarworks.com


When it comes to your safety, brakes are almost as important as tires. It is important all year round to regulary check and maintain your brakes to great working order. Properly functioning brake pads are an integral part of your car’s braking system. If your brake pads are thin and worn down, you won’t have full stopping power when you may need it most. Listen to your brakes for noises like grinding, growling or squealing. If you hear any noises, check the brakes checked by a professional.  Or do you feel vibration in the steering wheel while driving or notice a vibrating sensation when pressing on the brake pedal? Then it’s time to take your vehicle to your trusted mechanic for a thorough inspection.


It’s hot outside and so your car requires to cool down before you take it for a ride., Coolant related problems rank number one for a car breaking down, so it is important to keep checking the coolant fluid levels in your car. It’s also a good idea to inspect the hoses and coolant reservoir from time to time especially during hot summer days. If the car does overheat, wait until the radiator cap has cooled down before trying to remove it because the cap is scolding hot.

Air Conditioning

A well working air conditioning system is important to keep the car and its passengers cool on hot long drives. Air conditioning problems can occur for a number of reasons. There could be no coolant or the air conditioning compressor wears out. You could have a broken thermostat or blockages in the air vents. Good working air-conditioning can reduce fuel economy by about twenty-five percent, so it’s worth it getting your air-con inspected by a certified professional.


The good old oil check! Of course it’s also on our list of things to check your oil level before you head out on the family trip. Pull out your car’s dipstick and check the level and color of the oil. — if it’s still a pleasant shade of amber and meets the fill mark, you’re fine. 

Source: Tiredeets.com
Source: Tiredeets


Most drivers worry about their battery dying under the impact of winter, but car batteries are more likely to die in the heat of the summer. If your battery is over three years old, we recommend to get it tested and discuss the best option with a professional technician. As a Bosch Car Service we are able to test your batteries.

Have a great time

We hope you found these tips useful and by following them, you’ll have a safe and fun filled trip with your family instead of spending your days stuck at the nearest mechanic with costly repairs. If you need expert advice, please talk to our friendly service team on (02) 9681 7700 or email service@sydneydieselcentre.com.au