The truth about new car servicing - Sydney Diesel Centre
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The truth about new car servicing

The truth about new car servicing

The choice of repairers is yours!


The industry body of AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association) has provided this important information for any new car customers.

“The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have recently provided updated information regarding consumer rights and servicing cars As an independent workshop owner, you may sometimes be asked by a customer or vehicle owner if they’ll be voiding their new car warranty if you service their car. The answer depends on whether the warranty is offered by the manufacturer or if it’s an aftermarket extended warranty plan offered by the dealer. The difference is outlined on the opposite pages. In the case of a manufacturers warranty (and provided you service the vehicle in accordance with any specified requirements), you can confiidently assure your customer that; Their manufacturer’s warranty will remain valid and so will their protection under the Consumer Guarantees Regime. ” (You can find the more detailed information on the AAAA website)

Sydney Diesel Centre technicians and mechanics are OE Manufacturer trained and certified. Leading companies like Bosch, Denso or NRMA have very strict criteria on quality workshops and Sydney Diesel Centre has been proudly authorised for many years.

Talk to us about your car warranty and any service issues you might have. Call us on 1300 990 163