The truth about car service cost - Sydney Diesel Centre
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The truth about car service cost

The truth about car service cost

Did you ever feel like your car just keeps on costing you money? Mitsubishi was quoted by Drive that some brands were happy to sell cars for profits of less than $100 as they could make much more in parts, servicing, and repeat business.

Modern vehicles are very complex and technically sophisticated and without regular oil changes the lifespan of your engine will be affected. Tyres and brakes deteriorate over time and must be looked after to ensure safe operation of the vehicle.

When it comes to reselling the vehicle – the first thing a buyer looks at is often the service records.

Regular service costs money, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The bottom-line is that a regular serviced and well-maintained vehicle lasts longer, runs smoother, is safer and holds its value better.

If you are concerned about your manufacturers warranty – the ACCC has debunked this myth. Australian consumers have statutory rights under Australian law to ensure that their manufacturers’ warranties remain valid when the vehicles are serviced by independent workshops.

Sydney Diesel Centre has been working with the actual parts manufacturers like Bosch and Denso for decades and all our mechanics, engineers and technicians are manufacturer trained. We use only quality parts when servicing your vehicle.

Speak to us today about servicing your vehicle. Simply email us or call 1300 990 163