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The Car Key Revolution

The Car Key Revolution

il_340x270.525491957_bkrs Car manufacturers are working on making the car key a thing of the past. Progressive networking with other electronic devices manufacturers aim to transfer more functions to the mobile phone or the SmartWatch. Key systems already use proximity and the engine starts with a button.  Maybe even the key in your pocket will be a thing of the past very soon.

Continental is planning a simple solution is called an ‘electronic twin’ of the normal radio key that is glued to the frame of the mobile phone. This would be a low cost chip and can open the door and start the engine.

The second step would be to network with a smart terminal such as the telephone or a watch. “We use display and input capabilities of the terminal to communicate with the key to the car,” says Continental. The command still is on the key. But a single click on the phone open windows or doors. And a look at the display indicates which tank level the key is stored when locking the car. Continental sees this concept is especially beneficial for company and rental vehicles.

Using your mobile phone to start your vehicle sounds great, but what about security? This is something the manufacturers are currently working on to minimize hacking for example.

BMW introduced a new key with a display

You can use to determine the levels of battery and gas tank or unlock doors and windows on a 2.2 – inch touch screen.

Key Luxury

Taking the humble car key to a new level is the company ‘Noblekey’. Isn’t that truly special?


High End Car Keys


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