Kubota RT125 Engine and Spare Parts - great service, best value!
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  • RT125 Kubota Engine
  • Kubota RT125 Engine
Kubota Engines, RT Series

Kubota RT125

As a authorised dealer, we are able to find the right engine for your application. The Kubota RT125 is a horizontal, water-cooled, four cycle diesel engine. With a capacity of 12.5HP at 2400RPM, the Kubota RT125 is renowned for its reliability and durability.


 Kubota RT125 Engine specs:


  • Direct injection system delivers significant fuel savings compared to competitor products.
  • Specially designed combustion system increases horsepower and decreases fuel consumption.
  • Stronger and more heat tolerant cylinder heads increases durability.
  • Complete combustion delivers 3-5% more torque when operating at low revs.
  • Capable of continuous running under heavy workloads.
  • Complete with a manual or electric start option with a backup manual crank start.