Kubota D722 Supermini Engine - great service, best value!
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Kubota D722 Supermini

Kubota D722

With its outstanding technical experience, R&D, and serious concern for the environment, Kubota has developed the world’s smallest, multi-cylinder high power density diesel engine series, the SUPER MINI.

Starting out with just two models, this series remained a long time favourite for twenty years.
In 2003, two new models joined this ever-popular 2-, 3-cylinder series.  The new lineup will undoubtedly keep the SUPER MINI series popular for years to come.


The engines larger bore and stroke sizes (o67-o72) enable them to deliver more power.
The newer models’ compact oil pan and cylinder head decreased their engine height . With similar volume, the D902 displays a 16% increase in power density over the D905, while the Z602 displays an 18% increase over the Z482.



The Kubota D722 is a vertical, water-cooled, 3-cylinder, 4-cycle IDI diesel engine. It’s capacity is 16.4HP at 3600RPM. Fantastic compact size, and one of the most hardworking, efficient and cleanest running diesel engines out there!


 Kubota D722Engine specs:


  • World’s smallest, multi-cylinder, high-power density diesel engine.
  • Kubota’s E-TVCS technology improves power output, fuel economy and engine start-up, while reducing emissions.
  • Great reliability and long service life to meet a wide range of applications.
  • Half-float valve cover and coated pistons reduce noise levels and reduce transmitted vibration from valve area for better noise characteristics.
  • Super glow system for shortened pre-heat time and quicker engine starting in cold weather.




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