Kubota AC60 Engine and Spare Parts - great service, best value!
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Kubota AC60

Kubota AC60

The Kubota AC60 is a forced, air-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with a capacity of 5.6HP at 3600RPM. This engine is renowned to be compact and lightweight. The Kubota AC60 is known for its exceptional high performance and reliability, favoured by firefighters across the country.

 This Kubota AC60 Engine features:

Compact, lightweight design suits a wide range of applications including pumps, generators, power-tillers, small construction machinery and much more.

Direct injection system delivers significant fuel savings by as much as 20%, compared to competitor products.

Specially designed combustion system minimises gas leakage, prevents heat loss and improves fuel economy.

Less vibration with Kubota’s standard equipped single shaft balancer technology.




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