Kohler KD477-2 Air-Cooled Diesel Engine - Approved Dealer
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  • Top-notch fuel injection technology delivers power and saves on fuel
  • Kohler DIESEL AIR-COOLED KD477-2
  • Kohler diesel engine AIR-COOLED KD477-2
Kohler, Kohler Air-cooled

Kohler KD477-2 Air-Cooled

21.7 HP
Twin Cylinder

The Kohler air-cooled diesel engines are engineered with state-of-art air filters to increase durability, and lengthen service intervals. Couple all of that with the engine’s cast iron cylinder liners and you’ve got a machine that doesn’t know how to quit.



  • Water-cooling
  • Advanced injection system uses fuel more efficiently.
  • High-efficiency combustion significantly lowers emissions.
  • Belt-driven, overhead camshaft and low-turbulence means quieter operation.
  • Cast iron block construction ensures durability and lasting performance.



  • Agriculture
  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Industrial Construction
  • Power Generation/Welder
  • Professional Landscape
  • Recreational