Isuzu 4LE1 (Model NYBW05) Engine - from your Approved Isuzu Power Solutions Dealer
iscover the Isuzu 2CA1 engine at Sydney Diesel Centre. Experience compact power, reliable performance, and fuel efficiency for your industrial applications. Trust the authorized dealer for Isuzu power solutions in Sydney. Contact us for more information.
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Isuzu 4LE1 (Model NYBW05) Engine – Redefining Reliability and Power

Elevate your machinery’s potential with the Isuzu 4LE1 engine, model NYBW05. Designed to redefine reliability and power, this engine is your key to unmatched performance.


Power Output:

  • Max. 25.1 kW / 33.7 hp (rated) @ 3000 RPM
  • Max. 21.3 kW / 28.6 hp (cont.) @ 3000 RPM


Key Features:

  • Uncompromising Reliability: The Isuzu 4LE1 engine stands as a testament to unwavering reliability, ensuring consistent performance under demanding conditions.
  • Precision Construction: With meticulous engineering, this engine delivers efficient power that meets the diverse needs of industrial applications.
  • Built to Last: The 4LE1 engine’s robust build guarantees longevity, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Efficient Torque: Experience optimal torque that empowers your equipment to handle heavy workloads with ease.



  • Unmatched Performance: The 4LE1 engine redefines performance, providing the power needed to excel in various industrial operations.
  • Cost-Efficient Operation: The engine’s design prioritizes fuel efficiency, offering long-term savings and sustainable operations.
  • Extended Durability: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the 4LE1 engine ensures reliable operation through the years.



Embrace the future of reliability and power with the Isuzu 4LE1 engine, model NYBW05. Download the spec sheet and connect with us to discover how this engine can revolutionize your industrial capabilities.




Ready to experience next-level performance? Connect with us now and explore the Isuzu 4LE1 engine’s potential for your industrial needs.



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