Isuzu 4JJ1 (Model TYBW01) Engine - from your Approved Isuzu Dealer
iscover the Isuzu 2CA1 engine at Sydney Diesel Centre. Experience compact power, reliable performance, and fuel efficiency for your industrial applications. Trust the authorized dealer for Isuzu power solutions in Sydney. Contact us for more information.
Isuzu 2CA1 engine, compact engine, reliable performance, industrial engine, fuel efficiency, low emissions, Sydney Diesel Centre
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Isuzu 4JJ1 (Model TYBW01) Engine – Unleash Reliability and Power

Introducing the Isuzu 4JJ1 engine, model TYBW01, a pinnacle of industrial excellence designed to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.


Power Output:

  • Max. 55.4 kW / 74.3 hp (rated) @ 2600 RPM
  • Max. 47.0 kW / 63.0 hp (cont.) @ 2600 RPM


Key Features:

  • Unmatched Performance: The Isuzu 4JJ1 engine TYBW01 redefines power, ensuring superior performance even in the most rugged conditions.
  • Precision Engineering: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this engine guarantees consistent power delivery, meeting the highest standards.
  • Enduring Strength: Built to withstand the toughest environments, the 4JJ1 TYBW01 engine ensures extended service life with minimal maintenance.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Experience exceptional fuel efficiency while enjoying the full might of this engine’s power, optimizing operational costs.



  • Command Performance: Elevate your operations with the 4JJ1 TYBW01 engine’s exceptional power, ensuring your machinery operates at its peak.
  • Economical Operations: The engine’s efficiency translates to cost savings, improving your bottom line and enhancing overall profitability.
  • Unwavering Reliability: Rely on the 4JJ1 engine to power through challenges, maintaining uninterrupted productivity and performance.



Discover the capabilities of the Isuzu 4JJ1 engine, model TYBW01. Download the comprehensive spec sheet to delve into its features and connect with us for further exploration.




Unleash the potential of your operations with the Isuzu 4JJ1 engine. Contact us today to harness its reliability and power.



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