Have you filled your diesel car with petrol? Here is what to do!
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What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

Putting the wrong fuel in your car happens to a lot of us. What you do next is important to avoid costly consequences!

Did you loose focus for one moment, while filling up your car with fuel? Were you dreaming of a relaxing weekend? It is an easy mistake to make, especially the petrol nozzle a the petrol station fits inside the tank filler of your beloved diesel car. If you filled your diesel vehicle with unleaded petrol, you can do some serious and possibly fatal damage to your car. And this can be very expensive to fix.

So what can you do now? 


If you are lucky enough to realise during or after filling up that you’ve put the wrong fuel in, don’t start the engine. 


Charm another customer or petrol station attendant to assist you to push your car to a safe spot.


Take a deep breathe and call your insurance to check if your mistake is covered. You may want to ask if your insurer includes misfuelling as a standard or maybe you are able to claim a drain-and-refuel under accidental damage covered by your policy. Nevertheless, check your policy’s fine print.


Our friendly service team is ready to assist you! Call us on  1300 990 163 or email

DO NOT START THE ENGINE. This is important – starting the car can cause permanent damage and mean costly repair work

Let the petrol station what’s happened.

Put the car in neutral & have someone help push your car to a safe place.

We recommend to call your insurance to check if mis-fueling is covered by your policy.

Call our friendly service team on  1300 990 163 or email

Whether you need a quote or just advice, call Sydney Diesel Centre on 1300 990 163