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Lego Diesel

Lego Diesel

A university road show in the US with representatives from Chrysler, Cummins, Honda, Mursix and Subaru in conjunction with the event, the Cummins Young Engineers Club, sponsored a Lego replica build of one of its engines. This project was designed to motivate and inspire pre-college students to excel in science, technology, engineering and math. What a great way to get young people inspired by technology!

During the event, the students constructed a four-foot-by-three-foot-by-two-foot replica of Cummins’ new high-horsepower diesel engine, called the QSK95. The replica engine was built with approximately 30,000 Lego bricks and was designed to help students and engineers share stories and experiences involved with becoming an engineer.

Some facts on the real Cummins QSK95:

Over 4000-hp (2983 kW) output from 16 cylinders, the QSK95 surpasses other high-speed engines. This engine is way ahead of other engines in emissions capability and compact installation with a similar output.

For commuter and intercity locomotives, the 4200-hp (3132 kW) capable QSK95 is applied with an auxiliary Cummins rail engine to provide electrical hotel power to the passenger coaches.

High power density, together with Cummins space-saving exhaust aftertreatment, creates a lighter, fully integrated emissionized power solution designed to meet all of the requirements for new high-speed passenger locomotives. Operators of multipurpose freight locomotives from 3600 hp (2684 kW) will find the QSK95 is a utilize and very dependable power solution – keeping train operations on schedule. *Source: Cummins.com

We might bring some Lego into work for some lunch break entertainment!

We are here for all your non-Lego Diesel Needs! Just call or email service@sydneydieselcentre.com.au