Future Truck Diesel Innovations - Sydney Diesel Centre
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Future Truck Diesel Innovations

Future Truck Diesel Innovations


The new world of transport

Imagine a world of trucks driving themselves….Scania just presented a new truck that can accelerate, break and steer by itself up to 50km/h to relieve drivers in tough flowing traffic.

Brand new images just released in Germany of the new ‘Mercedes Benz Future Truck’ have just emerged. How is that all possible? It uses a system called the Highway Pilot. It is a combination of vehicle to vehicle communication via Wi-Fi, radar on the sides and front of the truck plus front stereo camera.

Mercedes Benz’s board member responsible for trucks and busses Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard says: “The Future Truck 2025 is our response to the major challenges and opportunities associated with road freight transport in the future. With the Future Truck 2025, Daimler Trucks is once again highlighting its pioneering role in innovative technologies and is opening up a new era in truck transport.”

What an interesting outlook for the future of transport…. no matter what the future holds – the Sydney Diesel Centre team is here for all your diesel needs. Call us on 1300 990 163