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Fuel Injection

Diesel Fuel Injection


The Common Rail system takes its name from the shared pressure accumulator (Common Rail), which supplies all cylinders with fuel. Common Rail diesel injectors share a single fuel rail that is driven by a high-pressure mechanical pump. The fuel pump output and pressure along with the injectors are controlled by an engine control unit that varies the timing and volume of injection to optimise performance.


Forget having a smoke-blowing, slow and noisy and rattling diesel engine. Advances in Common Rail, modern high-pressure injection systems, the VP44 distributor-pump and unit injectors have certainly revolutionised the diesel-powered vehicle market.


New diesel engines are not only highly fuel-efficient but also powerful thanks to innovations in fuel delivery, turbochargers and engine management systems. These systems let diesel engines return torque, power, performance and emissions superior to other fossil-fuelled engines while producing better fuel economy.

Do you need genuine new or exchange injectors at great prices and fast delivery? Want to chat with an expert for technical advice? Call us on (02) 96817700 or email

Sophisticated Diesel technology requires sophisticated testing, calibration, repair and service equipment. Sydney Diesel Centre has highly-trained and experienced technicians to test, calibrate and repair pumps and injectors to manufacturers specifications.

The Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) controls all the injection parameters with extreme precision – such as the pressure in the rail and the timing and duration of injection – as well as performing other engine functions. A more precise fuel mix delivers better efficiency, which usually means more power and lower fuel consumption. Common Rail engines are usually quieter and more refined as well.


Discover our Common Rail Injector Electrical Testing Services.

exchange program

Our Exchange Program

Choosing exchange pumps or injectors may save you time and money

We service, repair and restore your old equipment to manufacturers specification, and re-stock our exchange stock. All reconditioned parts pass all strict Bosch and Denso quality control and specifications. This program saves you valuable time and sometimes a bit of money as well. For your peace of mind, all exchange stock is covered by a 12 month warranty. Talk to us our Bosch and Denso authorised specialist on how to take advantage of this program.


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Is your vehicle lacking power, blowing smoke, using too much fuel? Contact our experienced Diesel Fuel Injection team on (02) 96817700  today for a quote or to book a service.

We are an approved dealer in diesel injection equipment for Bosch, Denso, Delphi and Siemens VDO Continental. Sydney Diesel Centre repairs new, current and older technology fuel systems for a vast range of diesel applications and brands.

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    Our Services

    Approved Service

    As an approved Bosch Diesel Centre and Denso Premium Dealer - our service has the tick from the manufacturers and passes strict quality standards.

    Exchange Program

    Need to safe time? We offer a comprehensive exchange program for our fuel injection pumps and injectors.

    Quality Equipment and Test Benches

    Our technicians calibrate, service, repair, assemble and diagnose on high end quality Bosch and Hartridge test benches and equipment


    You can't work out what is wrong with your vehicle? Is is loosing power, is it blowing smoke or is the engine light on? Our experienced diagnostic technicians will find the answer.

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    Fuel Pumps and Injectors we service, calibrate, repair and supply

    Common rail fuel injection pump

    A supply pump, common rail, electronically controlled injectors, a variety of sensors detect the engine’s running condition, and a computer that controls all of these devices.

    Distributor (rotary) fuel injection pump

    This diesel fuel pump is also controlled electronically by various sensors, an electronic control unit, and an actuator.

    In-line fuel injection pump

    A mechanically controlled diesel fuel system, the in-line fuel injection pump is primarily used for medium to large trucks and construction machinery.

    Diesel Injectors

    Mechanicial injector, Twin spring injectors, Smart injectors, Unit injectors, and Common rail injectors - we do it all.

    GDI Injector Testing

    GDI – Gasoline Direct Injection – is now available! Our advanced test bench provides the in depth level of testing required to accurately diagnose GDI & PFI injectors.

    Get a free quote now ! Call  (02) 96817700  or