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Fancy a different drive?

Fancy a different drive?

Lunar Roving Vehicles of Apollo 15, 16 and 17 Missions

Now this is something fun for all motoring enthusiasts! Always wanted to drive a vehicle that draws attention, can park rally anywhere, has hardly any kilometers on it and is environmentally friendly? Then the Lunar Roving Vehicles are for you!

Nasa has released the Lunar Rover Operations Manual of these vehicles! This is so much fun to look at for anyone interested in automotive!

On the dashboard you will see the speedometer, a navigation and also the switch to connect the four electric motors with the batteries. Let’s hope it works, because they are not re-chargeable.

The ‘steering wheel’ is a T-shaped Control between the seats. It controls speed, direction and is also the break. The Lunar Rover only has 1 horse power, but it’s light weight of just 210 kilograms and a sixth of the gravity on the moon, it zooms!!!

And because it’s all about safety, don’t forget to buckle up! You can download the technicial manual here.

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Image Source: Nasa