Celebrating 100 years Bosch - Sydney Diesel Centre
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Celebrating 100 years Bosch

Celebrating 100 years Bosch

Sydney Diesel Centre has been a very proud Bosch Partner for over 50 years and we are celebrating 100 years of Bosch! Happy Birthday Bosch!


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine April 2021 21

100 years boschRight from the beginning, Bosch had a pioneering vision to create a professional and well-equipped network of independent workshops.
The first Bosch Service partnership agreement was signed with Max Eisenmann & Co in Hamburg on January 1, 1921.
By 1926, the first printed directory of Bosch Service garages for Europe listed 68 workshops, offering repairs and servicing from Madrid to
Stockholm, and from Athens to Glasgow. According to the directory, the workshops were outfitted with all the machines and special tools
needed to provide rapid inspection of electrical equipment of an automobile, particularly the world-famous Bosch products, and thoroughly repair any damage.

Trained experts would ensure proper execution of orders, whilst well-stocked spare parts depots enabled quick replacement. Of course, all Bosch Service locations were obliged to provide
courteous service and non-binding advice.

By that time, the number of vehicles was rising  steadily.  In early 1900, the number of cars built worldwide stood at just under 10,000.
That number had already risen to over 250,000 by 1910 and was nearing 2.5 million by 1920.


Early motorists were usually either technically skilled and took care of repairs themselves, or they hired a mechanic to look after their
expensive vehicles.

Over time, cars grew more affordable and electrical equipment such as lighting and starters made driving much easier and far more

As the number of cars rose, so too did demand for professional and expert service.
From early on, Bosch offered its workshop partners comprehensive support.

This included the rise of a consistent image, with a common trademark, as well as templates for business correspondence and advertising
The worldwide Bosch Service network expanded rapidly and in 1930 the general directory listed 2,750 workshops.
It was also the year in which the first Bosch Service workshops were appointed in Australia and New Zealand.

By 1960, Bosch Service workshops were operational in over 13 different countries and due to extensive technical training were generating a
reputation for quality world-wide.

Today, Bosch Service celebrates 100 years with more than 15,000 workshops in 150 countries, making it one of the world’s largest chains of
independent service and repair workshops.

The level of service provided has also grown significantly along with the network. Over time, the network has evolved with Bosch providing workshops with continuous
comprehensive support in all key areas of their business operations, from technical aspects to management issues.

In order to remain well equipped for the future, the Bosch Car Service workshop concept is subject to constant enhancement and is being adapted to meet
new challenges.
Bosch says you can see that it has always been committed to providing the Bosch Service network with the technical and business training, marketing,
network, partner and operational support that is required for continued success.

As for the general public, it says Bosch Service (or better known as Bosch Car Service) is the brand that offers quality, expert advice and service, with
technically trained competence that is trusted by all generations.
The customer policy initiated a century ago, to provide courteous service and non-binding advice, continues to be part of the list of Bosch Service
Promises practised today and hopefully for the next 100 years.

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