Bosch Wiper Replacement - 20% off promotion
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Bosch Wiper Blade

Bosch Wiper Replacement

Wiper Replacement


Are you experiencing stripes & streaks, cross beam, unwiped sections or rattle & flutter? Then it’s time for new wipers!


Bosch wiper blades create clearer visibility for your driving safety.

– Perfect wiper performance
– Gentle wiper action
– Longer service life


So what makes the Bosch Wiper Blade so great?


Bosch has a wiper rubber technology with patent coating for improved wiping performance. Bosch wipers are using a tough hard-polymer shell and a permanent protective layer for gentle wiper action. This quality product also features a sturdy and resilient wiper lip for longer service life.




And since it’s been raining a lot lately, make sure your wipers are functioning properly. Or do your wipers will need replacing in the next 6 months?

We’ve got you covered with this great Bosch deal: 20% off Bosch wiper blades.

We are offering you a complimentary voucher for 20% off Bosch wiper blades on your next visit or even one for your friend or family member.


Contact us today to book in! (02) 9681 7700 or email: service@sydneydieselcentre.com.au