Bosch Diesel Center Sydney - Your professional diesel expert
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Bosch Diesel Centre

Bosch Diesel Sydney


The Bosch Diesel systems & products are of the highest quality, durability, robustness and reliability. The maintenance and repair of these sophisticated systems require specialist diesel professionals like Sydney Diesel Centre.


Sydney Diesel Centre has been proudly promoting all things Bosch for decades and is enjoying a long standing solid relationship with Bosch.

We qualify with stringent Bosch quality and technical requirements for testing, repair and diagnostic equipment. We are trained regularly on the latest Bosch products, systems and tools to ensure highest technical expertise standards.


Sydney Diesel Centre offers diagnostics and system testing for all Bosch Diesel Systems and makes, a cost and time-effective pump exchange program, component repair, maintenance, service and vehicle repair to manufacturer’s specifications.


We are experts in all Bosch Diesel Parts, from pumps, injectors, diesel kits and everything in between. Talk to our Bosch spare parts team for genuine diesel parts at great prices.

The Bosch brand stands for excellent quality – and so do we!

Did you know:

  • Our Bosch-trained diesel specialists can perform all diagnostics, component tests and repairs for diesel systems and they are all done using the latest Bosch equipment?
  • We are an independent workshop and pump room and are an approved Bosch centre with over 50 years of experience?
  • We are the only authorised Bosch dealer for processing warranty claims for Bosch diesel components?
  • We have highly-specialised workshop equipment and trained staff who use reconditioning Bosch diesel technology?
  • Diesel components reconditioned by Bosch Diesel Centres or Bosch Diesel Services come with a quality certificate which confirms the repair has been carried out following strict Bosch requirements?

Quality Service – with nationwide warranty for your peace of mind

Bosch Car Service at it’s best! At Sydney Diesel Centre we are excited to provide you with high-quality and affordable maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. We offer everything from inspections and oil service, maintenance and repairs to tyres, electrical systems and air conditioning.


Sydney Diesel Centre is also a Bosch Authorised Service Dealer and proudly supporting the Australian Automotive Service Dealer Network in NSW.


If you would like to find out more about Bosch Diesel products or require expert advice on any Bosch Diesel system or product – simply contact us on: 02 96817700