Australia's ongoing love affair with the ute - Sydney Diesel Centre
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Australia’s ongoing love affair with the ute

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Australia’s ongoing love affair with the ute

Australian’s really do love this super practical vehicle! We certainly see a lot of them in our workshop!

This is a great article by our association on the 4WD market in Australia.

Along with SUVs, dual-cab utes are quickly becoming a family car of choice. I am sure a lot of drivers use it as a work vehicle as well as a family car.

The article states: “They have the ride height of an SUV, the versatility of a tray, and the off-road ability of a 4WD. While vehicle sales are slowing (in line with the broader economic environment), ute sales are less affected than most other passenger vehicles.
The overall passenger car market is down, with almost 50,000 fewer vehicles sold compared to the same period in 2018. Utes and SUVs buck the trend however, with a decline of just 3.4 percent and 3.3 percent respectively. In fact, so far in 2019, almost one-in-five new vehicles sold were a ute, making them the second top selling category (just behind medium SUVs).
Looking back over the past two years of monthly sales figures, we can see some clear trends, with a clear peak in June each year, as buyers take advantage of end of financial year deals and incentives.
This is especially true for 4x4s, with many purchasers taking the opportunity to step up to a higher-grade model. The broader appeal here is reflected in the ability of these versatile vehicles to deliver to family needs, requiring fewer compromises when it comes to safety, style, performance and comfort”