Australian Family Owned - Support Your Local Automotive Business
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Australian Family Owned

Proudly Australian Family Owned


It all started with Giuseppe Carli – he started repairing trucks. Along came Luisa Carli, who quickly turned Giuseppes’ skills into a great solid business.

Together they built, what is now Sydney Diesel Centre. That was now over 60 years ago, and even though Automotive and Diesel Technology has experienced huge change – our family values really haven’t. We still believe in honest and quality service.

At Sydney Diesel Centre we not only repaired countless vehicles and components, we have provide solid jobs and training for our wonderful staff. We also believe in paying forward to our community. We have been a proud and longstanding supporter of local soccer clubs and fundraisers, ‘Special Children’s Christmas Party‘ , R U OK? and Kiva.org



Why does it matter?


When you support locally owned businesses, you’re not only supporting the local economy and the employment of local people. You are also directly supporting your local sporting groups and your local community in general. There are many studies that indicate that when you spend $100 at a local business, on average 58% more of your money stays in your community compared to what would have happened if you spent that $100 at a multinational company based store.*

Our values are not just designed in some head office in the city. We believe in building longstanding relationships with staff, customers and suppliers alike. We know the individual matters. That’s why we provide personalised service. We don’t just have one size fits all, take it or leave it service offering.

Our business is located in Sydney’s West and all our team lives and plays in Sydney’s West and we are proud to be able to have a convenient workplace for everyone to keep up their worklife balance. By supporting local businesses, you are in turn helping your local economy by creating more jobs. It’s not about profits, it’s about longevity of jobs for our team.


It matters – especially now


Covid-19 has certainly thrown a curveball to the entire world. It is most certainly not business as usual, but we like all other small business owners are willing to adapt during these difficult times.

“Family businesses are the backbone of the economy and statistics show that 75 per cent of consumers trust family businesses,” Greg Griffith, CEO of Family Business Australia (FBA), said. “Therefore, it is important, now more than ever, to tap into these trustworthy businesses. It’s time to come together to support Australian family-owned businesses and there are many ways buyers can do that. **

We are proud to have supportive team members, leading suppliers and loyal customers and we are committed to providing amazing service and going the extra mile through these difficult times.