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How safe are your brakes?

How safe are your brakes?

Whether you drive your kids to soccer, or for work – the cargo is always precious! Make sure you have top serviced and best quality brakes.

How can you tell if your brakes need a service?

  • You can feel a pulsation through the brake pedal when you brake
  • Is there a squeaking, grinding or squealing noise when you brake?
  • The vehicle takes longer to come to a full stop
  • You feel like the vehicle is pulling to one side when you brake
  • Your brake pedal goes to the floor or feels spongy before the brakes are activated.

Generally we recommend for brakes to be professionally checked twice a year plus a brake fluid renewal for improved brake performance.

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Iveco Injector Test

Our Fuel Injection Pump Room Technicians are testing these Iveco 4 Cylinder Injectors.

The truth about new car servicing

The choice of repairers is yours!


The industry body of AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association) has provided this important information for any new car customers.

“The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have recently provided updated information regarding consumer rights and servicing cars As an independent workshop owner, you may sometimes be asked by a customer or vehicle owner if they’ll be voiding their new car warranty if you service their car. The answer depends on whether the warranty is offered by the manufacturer or if it’s an aftermarket extended warranty plan offered by the dealer. The difference is outlined on the opposite pages. In the case of a manufacturers warranty (and provided you service the vehicle in accordance with any specified requirements), you can confiidently assure your customer that; Their manufacturer’s warranty will remain valid and so will their protection under the Consumer Guarantees Regime. ” (You can find the more detailed information on the AAAA website)

Sydney Diesel Centre technicians and mechanics are OE Manufacturer trained and certified. Leading companies like Bosch, Denso or NRMA have very strict criteria on quality workshops and Sydney Diesel Centre has been proudly authorised for many years.

Talk to us about your car warranty and any service issues you might have. Call us on 1300 990 163



Denso Diesel Pump Repair

 Sydney Diesel Centre is a proud Denso Premium Dealer.

We have a team of highly skilled diesel fuel injection technicians working on the latest Denso fuel pump and injector technology.

Denso has just released this great video on DENSO remanufactured fuel pumps. Sydney Diesel Centre is certified to clean, replace with brand new parts and fully test Denso fuel pumps. These DENSO fuel pumps save you money and are backed by a nationwide warranty.




Call us now to talk about how we can help you with your fuel injection 1300 990 163


Bosch Brake Pads

What to look for when checking your brakes or replacing brake pads

Braking systems are made out of numerous components. Brakes needs regular checking for wear and tear and some parts have to be replaced as per manufacturers specification or per your trusted mechanics recommendations.

Why are quality Brake Pads so important?

Brake pads wear under the friction when braking. The surface wears and it becomes thin, so they need replacing. Quality brake pads will last longer and are better value in the long run. Professionally installed brake pads will make sure your trips are more smooth and safe.


What about bake fluid?

Brake Fluid has life saving qualities but unfortunately it is often neglected. Brake fluid is a synthetic hydraulic fluid that helps apply pressure to brake components. A loss in brake fluid might cause the brakes to fail, which is obviously very dangerous At Sydney Diesel Centre we use only top quality brake fluid and we recommend the Bosch Brake Fluid range.


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The future is here!

What is Telematics?

Telematics devices are the latest in automotive information and communications technology. Telematics technology sends, receives and stores information from vehicles via telecommunication devices.

Telematics allows remote and real-time monitoring of a vehicle’s location, movements and other information like speed, usage and engine performances.


Telecommunications and informatics using wireless technologies and systems

What are the features of Telematics?

Vehicle tracking

With Telematics devices can monitor the location, movements, status and behaviour of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. Telematics devices allow the car or truck to communicate with the user and web-based software, report routes and display locations on a map. The user then knows when a vehicle is started up and shut down, as well as information such as idling status and speed. The tracking is  usually accurate to around 10–20 metres.

Safety management

Automatic collision notification . The device automatically notifies a call centre, which then organises help. The device is designed to withstand even severe accidents.

Emergency, Good Samaritan and Roadside assistance. The driver can press a help or SOS button if emergency of the car, a passenger or even another vehicle is required.

Stolen vehicle tracking: In case of a stolen vehicle, the telematics system can communicate and locate the vehicle. It also has the ability to slow it down gradually. A great feature to protect your investment.

Vehicle Health & Diagnostics

The system is able to report on the condition of the car or truck. The system is able to report on diagnostics at any time and send it to your mechanic. It helps to avoid costly breakdowns. Your mechanic is able to pre-order parts and minimise downtime.


Other great features

Location sharing. You might know this feature from the pizza delivery, where you can see the location and estimated time of arrival of the driver. You can let your friends and family know where you are and how long it will take to get to the destination at a press of an App button.

POI search. This feature lets you find hotels, petrol stations or restaurants in real-time.

What are the benefits of Telematics?Bosch Telematics

From a fleet management perspective Telematics can positively enhance productivity, increase fleet safety and security. It can keep fuel costs in check, reduce downtime, labor costs and operating expenses. It can reduce unauthorised vehicle use. It might also result in insurance savings. Telematics also helps manage maintenance better. It might be integrated into customer service with fleet tracking services informing the customer where the goods are at any given time.


Interested in Telematics? Would you like to find out more? Simply call our technical support team at Sydney Diesel Centre on 1300 990 163


VW fix

Volkswagen has released a fix for their affected engines of the EPA Diesel Scandal. According the Endgadget the EA 189s are the 1.6- and 2-liter diesel engines at the heart of the company’s recent emissions scandal that has seen more than 8.5 million cars recalled in Germany alone.


Engadget also reports further that the fix is actually really simple. Technicians just have to fit a flow transformer onto the mass air sensor housing assembly. This means that technicians have to stick a little plastic tube outfitted with a grate (the “flow transformer”) over the thing that regulates the car’s fuel injection (the “mass air sensor”). This sensor does its job by measuring how much air is moving through the intake manifold and adjusts the amount of fuel being injected into the cylinders accordingly.

The grate will calm and stabilize the airflow before it hits the sensor, resulting in more accurate readings.

Technicians will also have to update the car’s firmware. Watch this video for more information on the installation and update process, which doesn’t take more than an hour. As for their 3-liter engines, VW says they can get by with a software update alone.



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I want one of those – the Sealander

It’s roadtrip season! Do you love to go for a drive with your caravan? How about this cool swimming Caravan? You can simply pull this amphibious camping trailer and then launch it into the water.

We have lots of customers getting their campervans, caravans and motorhomes ready for a regular service or a check up before a long holiday trip.

At Sydney Diesel Centre we get excited about innovations, great automotive design and love cool gadgets. Talk to our friendly team today on how we can assist you with your vehicle. Call 1300 990 163

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